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let us grow together. .

"we are your international growth partner. we identify growth potential and success drivers and deliver them together.
so that we grow together!"

lukas p. mayer 

our nm23 partner says

lukas p. mayer
nm23 ceo & founder
"​passionate for people, digitalization, and modern leadership."
14+ years in leadership | 20+ years in management | 23+ different countries
200+ million € annual revenue responsibility

expert in strategy, marketing & sales, and modern leadership
  • lukas mayer @linkedin

effective services
for your growth

how we work

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nm23 management services
interim management

▲ rent a managing director
▲ rent a cXo
▲ portfolio & project

▲ innovation managemetn

▲ strategy implementation

“great leaders do not create followers,
they create more leaders.” // tom peters.

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nm23 advisory services
 create business strategies
▲ digital & disruptive business models

▲ leadership coaching & training

▲ marketing & sales strategies

▲ member of the advisory board

▲ organizational effectivity

“your direction is more important
than your speed” // richard l. evans

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business development

nm23 business development services
 customer acquisition
▲ digital growth strategies

▲ disruptive business models

▲ e-commerce strategies

▲ go2market strategies

▲ price and condition approach

“growth is never by mere chance.
it is the result of forces working together."
// james cash penny.

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nm23 communication services
 brand positioning
brand evolution &  brand communication

▲ customer experience optimization

▲ event concepts & event management

▲ multi-channel b2b or b2c marketing

▲ professional and public communication

“communication is the transfer of emotion.”
// seth godin.

why nm23?

pragmatic, honest, experienced ...
tangible results!

nm23 supports ambitious leaders to grow their businesses smarter and faster .
we help them to identify their growth measures and to deliver them thereafter.
e think and act in networks including your matching expert team.

And our full dedication is to
grow together.

we are networking minds 23 = nm23. networking is our vision for successful solutions.
we believe that the right team with the right network will succeed. working stands for our hands-on mentality to do things better and not just knowing things better. minds stands for working smart and not just hard. and 23 stands for everything you want to stand it for and for instance 23 stands for our ambition to involve 23+ subject matter experts, michael jordan weared the 23 goat jersey and it is  the founding year of our network, And some more 23 connections which you might explore in a personal conversation with us.


grow smarter. grow faster. grow together.
your competitive growth advantage excells with the right partner.

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